Cap Expé

This expedition would not have been possible without the numerous resources of the Cap Expé community.

Cap Expé is a community of female and male adventurers, who help each other to set up expeditions. The community organises itself around the website, where both male and female fanatics about wide open spaces, who are on the lookout for adventure, can find inspiration in the stories of past adventures and to ask for advice and/or logistical support (sharing equipment, etc.). In return, he or she then shares their experience with the community on the website. Cap Expé has also organised Arthur’s Alaskan adventure, depicted in the film “Le Pouvoir des Rêves“.[The Power of Dreams].


The Belgian Mountaineering Club

The Club Alpin Belge (CAB) [Belgian Mountaineering Club], which is a French-speaking climbing, mountaineering and hiking federation, is a sports federation, whose aim is to develop and promote mountain climbing and mountain sports. The CAB is supporting the production of this film, which relates the adventures of some of its members. Its intention is to use ‘Le Passeur de la Nahanni’, for example, to promote the discovery of wide open spaces and to encourage people to progress from indoor climbing to climbing outdoors in a natural environment.

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Triangle7, is based in Bruxelles. It is a company specializing in film production and in providing audio-visual services, a team passionnated by sounds and images: fiction TV and cinéma, documentaries, corporate and institutional films.


Marco Rosano

Marco Rosano has given us permission to use excerpts from his Stabat Mater.

He is currently working on a new project, which is to compose a Requiem, the first movement of which has already been completed, and which is quite simply magnificent (See link below).

Please do not hesitate to support him with us on

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